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Underground Herbal Spirit

Underground Herbal Spirit is America's First Herbal spirit.

While technically a liqueur, Underground is different than any other on the market. To be considered a liqueur, a spirit has to have at least 2% added sugar. Underground Herbal Spirit barely crosses that threshold. Most similar products exceed 4% in added sugar.

This is significant as the lower amount of sugar allows a less viscous shot that doesn't coat the consumers mouth with a syrupy sugar mixture laying waste to the taste buds. Instead, with Underground, the full taste blend of 33 herbs, spices and flavors comes through for a sweet, yet complex flavor experience.

The flavors include a mellow blend of cassia, angostura, anise, cardemom, gentian, yarrow, wormwood, mate, guarana, ginseng, molasses, orange oil, lemon oil, spearmint, pure cane sugar, agave and plum.

At 80 proof (40% ABV), Underground Herbal Spirit is also higher proof than most liqueurs. Yet,most people who try it are surprised by it's smoothness and even more surprised to learn it has a stronger alcohol content that what they are used to drinking.

With a higher proof and half the sugar, Underground is a great mixer in unique cocktails and shots. A simple cocktail Underground and cranberry, or ginger ale, are a couple of the local favorites.

Underground is more than a liqueur, it is a spirit with incredible versatility, complexity and taste as evidenced by its Double-Gold Medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and being selected as the Best Liqueur in the America's at the Spirits of the America's Competition.

The origins of Underground are as complex as the 33 herbs and flavors inside the bottle.

From the late 1800's to the mid 1900's setting foot off of the train in Ogden was often a life changing experience for a transcontinental rail traveler. The train station sat as the root of the infamous Two-bit Street.

"Any man's desire fulfilled for two bits." Two-bit/25th Street was a hedonist's paradise. With no trouble from the law, a man could gamble, drink bootleg liquor, spend time with an unfamiliar lady, smoke opium, or befall a worse fate.

Two-bit's dens of iniquity were all connected in their basements by a network of tunnels. It is rumored that there were miles of them. One can only imagine what activities went on underground.

Touted as "Little Chicago" for years, even Al Capone commented that Ogden was too wild for his tastes.

It is from this history that Ogden's Own Distillery has bottled a spirit with the diversity and uniqueness of Two-bit Street's past.

Mixologists are encouraged to experiment and report their finds to Ogden's Own Distillery.

Check out DrinkSpirits.com for a review of Underground Herbal Spirit.

Underground Recipies

  •  1 oz. Underground, 6 oz. spicy Bloody Mary mix, splash of Worcestershire, dash of salts, garnish wi
  •  1 oz. Underground, 5 oz. soda water, serve over ice, garnish with orange twist
  • 1 oz. Underground, 6 oz. root beer, 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • 1 oz. Underground, 6 oz. coffee, top with whipped cream
  •  1 oz. Underground, 5 oz. cranberry juice, squeeze of lime, serve over ice
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